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We are pleased to introduce ourselves to the safi Foundation for Water Filters , The Foundation works in the sale and maintenance of hardware and purification plants and processing of industrial and household and sanitary water
We have qualified staff and sales network serving most regions of the Kingdom and serves many sectors in Jordan and can explain as follows:
Home water filters devices serving more than 30 thousand families in their homes, industrial and commercial We have a wide range of clients representing industrial factories, restaurants and shops production, food and drink in Jordan, hospitals, and we also consider the major suppliers to many hospitals in Jordan .
Foundation to ensure treatment plants supplied for a year in addition to ensuring the services for six years, including maintenance failures and move the device from one place to another
We are committed to periodic and regular visits every four or six months depending on the water quality of the client area by scientific standards Among the highest quality and purity standards

Working on the service depends on us from our customers is the maintenance of their own stations :
In terms of the company’s eagerness to provide the best service to the customer and provide after-sales on the best possible picture service of the service the company has shown interest in this section and gave him all the possibilities that help him to perform his duties in the hope of satisfying our valued customers
Department of the supply of spare parts and consumables and maintenance work and plays an important role in providing after-sales service and fully according to customer requirements the company has worked to provide a large reserve of spare parts, small appliances and consumables

And so does not happen any delay or disabled. The management of the company by the technical department management questionnaire client’s request and his problem so that you can perform the required service immediately without disabling The existence of a network of technicians and engineers trained on maintenance and installation work contribute much to the performance of Express Service to customers
It is proposed that the company is committed to itself and its clients to secure the best quality and high-quality products, followed by the best after sales service and the lowest possible price in the hope to gain the confidence of our valued customers

Where you can see the devices and equipment in our showrooms at the following address :
 ☎  05- 3755650
 ✆  077 7347500
Rusaifa – Yajooz Street – Haytham complex

 ☎ 06- 4744656
 ✆ 079 9192255
Fax.: ☏  06- 4744565
Amman – Qweismeh – Roundabout Munawar iron 

 ✉  info@safi-ro.com

 ☯  www.safi-ro.com

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